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General Sectors We Work with

  • Commercial Office Spaces

  • Educational Facilities

  • Child Care

  • Aged Care

  • Warehousing & Distribution

  • Council Infrastructure and Assets

  • Reserves & Parklands

  • Sporting Facilities

  • Retail

  • Hospitality & Entertainment

  • High Density Housing & Apartments

  • Rural Environments

Illumination Systems Australia comprises a team of registered electricians in Melbourne who pride themselves on being the only LED lighting electricians of their kind.

With 40 years’ combined experience, and a dedicated focus on providing one of a kind support and service for the lighting industry, Illumination Systems Australia can provide you with an experience like no other.

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In the ever-changing world of LED lighting which has seen it revolutionize the way we illuminate such important places in our lives, such as homes, work spaces, warehouses, retail outlets, hospitality venues, sporting fields and many more, it is becoming increasingly apparent there is a growing need for the servicing and repair of LED lighting and not just simply replacing old with new.

Whilst there are many lighting companies throughout Australia that manufacture LED light fittings of all shapes and sizes, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding of how these fittings operate and what their full potential is when applied correctly.

Illumination Systems Australia undertook extensive research and training to better understand the intricate nature regarding the fundamentals of LED lighting and it’s ever changing technology with a particular focus on repairs and maintenance in this rapidly evolving market. The vast majority of LED light fittings that have been installed, particularly in commercial and industrial premises, are solid-state devices meaning that simply replacing a blown globe is not applicable anymore with nearly all businesses (and some households) not knowing what to do once an LED light fitting no longer works.

Illumination Systems Australia with its’ team of LED lighting electricians is able to provide a truly unique service to any person or business out there who has invested in LED lighting and wants to reduce maintenance costs.

The Specialised LED Lighting Electricians that Melbourne can count on


Everyone understands the energy and cost saving benefits of LED lighting, and yet, there is a tendency to treat this new lighting just like the old incandescent and halogen globes or fluoro tubes we all grew up with. We are conditioned to throw away old lighting, and to seek a replacement when it ceases to function. However, one of the greatest benefits of LED lighting is that you don’t need to waste your investment by throwing it away. Most LED lighting can be repaired! That’s why it pays to choose specialised LED electrical contractors. Melbourne customers can count on the knowledge and experience of our team of LED lighting electricians, safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with the professionals who can provide a solution to any kind of electrical issue.

If you have invested in specialised LED lighting for your home or business, then you have probably done so on the assumption that the higher initial cost will be outweighed by the long-term benefits. If these LED lighting systems fail prematurely, then you will still be able to benefit from your investment when you choose repair over replacement.  



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