LED Lighting Upgrades

Why get LED Lighting Upgrades for your Melbourne Home or Business?

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What To Expect

  • Electricity cost savings

  • Bulb replacement savings

  • A reduction in carbon emissions

  • Light that produces a “truer to life” feeling

  • Reduced fire risk

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Lights that go to 100% brightness as soon as you turn them on

Illumination Systems

Why Choose Illum Systems ?

When choosing to use Illumination Systems Australia for their LED lighting upgrades, Melbourne clients know that they are getting a professional service that is going to give them the best possible solution for their own individual needs.

Illumination Systems Australia chooses not to provide government subsides such as the VEET Scheme (Victoria) as we pride ourselves on providing a professional product that is suitable for our clients’ needs. A lot of government lighting programs provide cheap inferior products that are used in incorrect environments. This ends up costing the user more in the long run due to ongoing repairs or eventually upgrading to the correct lighting that should have been installed in the first place.

Illumination Systems

Illumination Systems Australia is your only point of call required when it comes to upgrading your lights, as we do not engage any third-party trades or suppliers, we are able to manage time frames and maintain our industry leading quality with ease. By doing this you also know you are getting the utmost professional service at the correct price as there are no unnecessary mark ups or extra costs involved.

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few lighting upgrade companies offering a full 5-year onsite warranty. By doing this it saves any future headaches and interruptions that may occur for our clients when it comes to any repairs or failures.

The Process
  1. Enquiry – We will confirm with you the best time to visit your organisation.

  2. Site Audit – We will conduct a full onsite audit of your existing lighting whilst working with you to provide a suitable solution that meets your lighting needs and requirements.

  3. Proposal – After getting a better understanding of your needs and requirements from our previous site audit, we will formally put forward a professional lighting solution.

  4. Installation – We work with you to ensure our electricians can install your brand-new lighting with minimal interruption & disturbance within your required time frame.

  5. Removal of Old Lamps – We will take your old fittings from site and ensure they are recycled or disposed of in an appropriate manner.

  6. Completed Site Audit – Once your upgrade is completed, Illumination Systems Australia will conduct a full walk through of the premise with you to ensure we have met your expectations. This will include providing all relevant lux reports and certificates associated with your upgrade.

  7. Warranty and Support – Illumination Systems Australia provides 5-year onsite warranties and support from the date your install is completed.

We are not here to sell you a quick and cheap lighting upgrade.

We are a professional service that promises to provide the best lighting solution possible for each individual client’s needs.

What Benefits Can You Expect from LED Lighting Upgrades at Your Melbourne Home or Business?

For business owners especially, the benefits of better lighting will be one of the chief reasons to seek LED lighting upgrades. Melbourne business owners can ensure that their workplace is safer and more functional, simply by ensuring that every area has the correct lighting.

Another big concern when it comes to lighting is cost, and when you consider that up to 40 per cent of a business’s energy usage can stem from lighting alone, the benefits of more cost efficient lighting become clear.

Of course, if you are saving on energy usage then you will also be doing your part for the environment, and this can become a vital part of many organisations’ carbon footprint reduction plans.

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