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Reap the many benefits of more efficient LED lighting and control systems, with Illumination Systems Australia’s LED lighting installation. Melbourne homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from better lighting and lower electricity bills when they have the LED lighting that’s perfectly suited to their needs.
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In many industries, having the correct lighting will be an essential workplace safety concern. If lighting is too bright, too dim, or if lighting systems are unreliable, then the consequences could range from minor inconveniences to posing significant risks to health and safety.

The longer lifespans and greater reliability of LED lighting systems that have been installed with care and assessed as adequate for the space and the work performed there make them the ideal choice for business owners when changing over their lighting systems.

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Melbourne Homes

Whether we are working directly with homeowners or with builders working on residential projects, we have the capability to provide LED lighting installations for Melbourne projects large and small. We can plan, design, and install the lighting for an apartment complex, or the integrated lighting control system required for a luxury home.
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With over forty years of combined industry experience, the team at Illumination Systems Australia are ready to help with a range of LED lighting Installations.

Melbourne business owners, managers, and landlords with commercial premises can call on our team for a cost-effective solution.

To learn more about our services in assessment, system design, and LED lighting installation, Melbourne locals can contact our team. We will be happy to discuss your requirements, and to recommend the high-quality LED lighting that is right for you.  

Our specialisation in LED systems has led us to perform complex installation and repair work on projects large and small. This dedication to providing support for businesses to achieve their aims with the right choices in LED lighting has given us a unique place within the industry. If you want to continue receiving the best from your investment in LED lighting, then give our team a call today. 


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