LED Lighting Repairs

It is commonly documented that LED technology has the potential to provide an operable service life in excess of 50,000 hours and in some cases, 100,000 hours. Whilst these statements are great and give the end user a lot of confidence in the product they purchase, LED light fittings can still prematurely fail at some stage throughout their working life. That’s why the team at Illumination Systems Australia offer the LED lighting repairs Melbourne can rely on.

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  • Chip failure

  • Poorly manufactured or incorrectly sized heat sink

  • Thermal failure – heat stress

  • Driver / power supply failure

  • Loose cable connections

  • Poor solder joins

  • Electrical surge

  • Physical Damage

  • Installation Error

In nearly all cases of LED luminaire failure, they are replaced with a new fitting which can be both costly and unnecessary. Illumination Systems Australia can assess failed LED luminaires, and, where appropriate, perform LED lighting repairs throughout Melbourne for a fraction of the price of having them replaced with new. What many don’t know is that LED luminaires can in fact be repaired quite simply, and Illumination Systems Australia can do this on site, having your light fittings back up and running in no time, thus eliminating unwanted lead times on a new replacement.

What Types of LED Lighting Repairs Can Melbourne Customers Expect?

We can replace failed LED drivers, PCB’s (printed circuit boards) or LED chips (COB and SMD) and perform thermal testing to ensure early failure does not occur again. Illumination Systems Australia uses high quality replacement parts and offers a 12-month written warranty for all replacements.

There are many different types of light fittings installed in commercial premises for which we can provide LED lighting repairs. Melbourne business owners can ask us to repair:

  • Downlights

  • Recessed LED panels

  • Weatherproof LED battens

  • Extruded aluminium linears in all shapes and sizes

  • Wall lights (both internal and external)

  • Pendants

  • Carpark / streetlights

  • Sports field floodlights

  • LED strips

  • and many more…

We can also offer lighting automation controls like dimming, occupancy sensing and programmable lighting control systems for more efficient use, which inevitably prolongs the lifespan of the LED fitting, minimises environmental impacts, and reduces consumption costs.

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