Lighting Control Systems

Providing the right amount of light, where and when required, lighting control systems let Melbourne consumers take back control of their LED lighting system. This can be used to create greater ambience in hospitality settings, restaurants, bars, hotels, or theatres. It can also serve purely practical purposes, and provide a safe and conveniently automated work environment.

Your particular lighting control system may comprise sensors, switches, lamps, and lighting strips. You can set lighting in designated areas of the building or specific work spaces on a timer system, adjusting this as usage and requirements change to ensure you always get the best from your system.

If they want to find out more about integrating a lighting control system, Melbourne business owners can ask us to install all lighting so that it can be controlled through the current wired system. An alternative is to control the system wirelessly.

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  • Ecological and cost benefits

  • Ease of installation

  • Design benefits

  • Flexibility

  • Better lighting

Illumination Systems

The Ecological and Cost Benefits

One way to save money whilst also doing your bit for the environment is by making sure your systems are running with maximum efficiency. Lighting can account for as much as 40 per cent of the energy usage in commercial premises, making it even more imperative to sort out your lighting control system. Melbourne business owners are not the only ones who can benefit from more efficient systems. The largest source of local government carbon emissions comes from street and public lighting – making this a huge area of potential savings for councils.

Putting almost any type of lighting control system in place can help you to reduce your costs by 30 to 50 per cent, while the introduction of more efficient lighting technology can see your company reducing energy costs by up to 80 per cent.

Lighting control systems can offer as much nuance as you like. You can gain greater efficiency and economy by controlling entire sections, or adjust individual lights as needed. The lighting control system will also allow you to account for consumption and expenses with ease.

Illumination Systems

If they would like to implement a monitored lighting control system, Melbourne business owners can ask us to integrate fault reporting, or to design a system that detects unoccupied rooms to make further energy savings possible.


Lighting Control Systems for Melbourne Businesses Where Ease of Installation is Key

There will be many businesses where the traditional disruptions of rewiring outweigh the benefits of a new connected lighting control system. Melbourne hotels, or managers of heritage buildings simply cannot justify the time needed, or the disruption caused, and so they will opt for patches on the existing system, rather than the complete upgrade that is most likely needed.

With wireless switches and sensors for lighting control systems, Melburnians can have the innovative upgrades that they need, without all the disruption of new wiring, which may in turn require new plasterwork and painting, significantly adding to downtime, or the likelihood that the upgrade will be rejected where a heritage building is concerned.

Use the signal-based controls in concert with a mobile or tablet app, and enjoy a flexible and efficient lighting control system that can be installed without disruption to the normal operation of your business.

Choose from a Range of Designs for Your New Lighting Control System in Melbourne

Often international products are focused on as the pinnacle of design. We crave German engineering or European elegance, but there is no reason Australia, and Melbourne, shouldn’t be at the forefront of design.

When it comes to innovative lighting control systems, Melbourne is leading the way. Gone are the days of bulky designs and clunky technology. Pairing wireless sensors with sleek lighting control system panels means that your clever technology can blend seamlessly into any building.

For warehouses or factories, this sleek design means that everything is straightforward and works as it should, for customer facing businesses or the family home, this means that a control system can be chosen to match any architecture and décor, from transparent control panels to antique brass.

Enjoy the Flexibility of a Lighting Control System in Your Melbourne Home or Business

There are near endless possibilities for new lighting control systems. Melbourne business owners and homeowners alike can benefit from programs and settings that allow them to use their system in the way that best meets their individual needs.

Choose the timers, sensors, and switches that you will need for your system, and then program it to give you the flexibility and functionality that you require. You can opt for a fully automated system, or one that allows for individual control. Lights can be set to dim, brighten, turn on or off at certain times of day and night, ensuring that lights needed for safety and security are always on when needed, or that electricity is not wasted if lights are forgotten at the end of the working day.

Benefit from Better Lighting with a Lighting Control System for Your Melbourne Home or Business

With a lighting control system, Melbourne workers and homeowners always have the lighting that they need for the task at hand. When brighter lighting is needed for safety and ease of work, that can be easily provided. Businesses with split spaces, such as restaurants, can easily adjust the lighting in each area, with ample light for the kitchen, and softer light for their diners.

Theaters, art galleries, function rooms, and more can all benefit from a control system that allows them to adjust the lighting according to the occasion, and the spaces that are in use at the time.

Homeowners can also benefit greatly from this flexibility. Turning an exterior light on or off or choosing how bright they want lights to be at night or in the early morning gives them total control of their home environment.  

Illumination Systems

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